Flight check-in is done at the counter of the airline you are booked with in the international departures lobby, 3rd floor. Confirm the airline or tour group you are booked with and promptly proceed to check in.

Ensuring the comfort of our facilities and equipment

Travellers departing via the Iternational Passenger Terminal are required to pay a Passenger Service Facilities Charge (PSFC).
This fee goes toward the expense of maintaining and managing our many shared facilities and equipment for displaying traveller information. Your understanding is deeply appreciated in this matter.

Passenger Service Facilities Charge

* Effective 1 October 2019, the Passenger Service Facilities Charge is to be amended to accommodate an increase in Japan’s consumption tax rate.

 CurrentFrom 10/1
Departure PassengersAdult2,570 yen2,610 yen
Child1,280 yen1,300 yen
Transit PassengersAdult1,280 yen1,300 yen
Child640 yen650 yen

* Adult (12 and older); Child (2 and older but under 12).
* Adult rates will apply to passengers under the age of 12 if they are traveling on an adult ticket.
* Child rates will apply to passengers under the age of 2 if they are traveling on a child ticket.
* Departure passenger rates will apply to passengers who arrived at an airport other than Haneda, and are departing from Haneda.
* Departure passenger rates will apply to passengers connecting from domestic flights.

Payment Method

The charge will be included in the airfare when the ticket is purchased. (On-ticket method)

Terms and Conditions for the Passenger Service Facilities Charge

Please check for detail about items banned for carriage and items restricted aboard aircraft with your airlines.

Safety inspections are in place for examining the items brought aboard by passengers.
Jackets, cell phones, computers, jewellery, purses, etc. are placed in a tray and passed through an x-ray machine, and passengers walk through a metal detector. If the metal detector reacts, your clothing and its contents will be inspected. Please be aware that your purse may also be searched, and that you may be subjected to a physical body search.

Knives, Golf Clubs, and any other items like those shown below that may be used as weapons are prohibited aboard the airplane. Passengers carrying knives are requested to place them in their check-in luggage and hand them over to airline staff when checking in, and not to bring these items on board.

Be aware that if a knife or other dangerous object is found, it will be disposed of during the security inspection.

Passengers leaving Japan are also required to undergo Customs procedures.

If you are taking foreign goods out of Japan or carrying cash in excess of 1 million yen etc., please fill out the necessary information in the designated forms and submit them at the Customs counter.

Please have your passport ready and proceed promptly through departure procedures. We recommend that Japanese passengers use our face scanning autogates. Your passport will not be stamped so please ask an attendant after completing departure procedures if you require a stamp. Non-Japanese passengers who intend to re-enter Japan on a re-entry permit must present a completed an embarkation card. (Please remove your passport from its plastic cover before presenting it.)

Following the departure procedure, go through the duty-free shop area to the boarding gates. Boarding gates are assigned on the day of the flight.
Check your boarding pass or a nearby information board to confirm the gate number.